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Become Lord of Odawara Castle. Introducing the exclusive overnight Odawara Castle Lord experience. Over two days wear samurai armor, be entertained by traditional music, shows and geisha while enjoying the finest culinary tastes of the area and Japan. An unique and memorable experience in Japan.

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History, Culture, and Traditional Experiences

Castles, Samurai, and Ninja

Odawara is a city rich in history, culture, and nature. Located 40 min from Tokyo, a large part of central Japan was ruled from this castle. Modern activities, goods, and people continue the traditions and goodwill since long ago. The castle city on the sea welcomes you to discover the history and culture of Japan.

Food, Festivals, and People

The castle town is located between the Hakone Mountains and Pacific Ocean. The easy access and plentiful activities make Odawara a destination for you to experience the food, culture, and people of Japan. Not too big, not too small, and packed with places and people to discover.

Exclusive Experiences

Train with a ninja, tour the castle, enjoy green tea on the beach, meet geisha, and much more. The activities and sites in Odawara are a wonderful combination of new and old, traditional and modern. Odawara has been a place to travelers to stay for centuries. We welcome you to discover and experience more of Japan.

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Odawara is a short distance from Tokyo

A trip to Odawara is a chance to discover and experience what makes Japan special. Odawara is a traditional castle town conveniently located just 40 minutes SXSW of Tokyo. The Shinkansen, JR Tokaido line, and Odakyu line all stop here. Odawara is your gateway to Hakone and memorable experience in Japan. Odawara is located on the way from Tokyo to Kyoto on the historic Tokaido Road.

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