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The Odawara Tourism Association

The Odawara Tourism Association (DMO) is a public organization made up of more than 150 members. Our goal is to share, attract, and make accessible the culture, historical sites, local people, attractions, shops, and events to visitors in Japan and visiting from abroad. In cooperation with the local government, local businesses, citizens, and interest groups we seek to promote tourism in Odawara through initiatives, cooperation, and the sharing of information. We hope to sustainably promote the area to enrich the lives of locals and visitors. Odawara is a truly unique place in Japan and we welcome you.

一般社団法人 小田原市観光協会 〒250-0042 小田原市荻窪350番地の1 小田原合同庁舎内2階 TEL:0465-20-4192 FAX:0465-20-4194