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Experiences in Odawara

Odawara is a city of history, culture, and tradition. Join a guided experience to get more from your time in Japan.

Castle, Samurai, Ninja

The Odawara Fish market is busy, early, and has an authentic atmosphere hard to find in Japan.

¥2000 per person

Zen Experience

There are festivals in Odawara that encourage participation from locals and guests alike. Join us for a good time!

¥2000 per person

Make Kamaboko

Kamaboko is famous throughout Japan and is a local Odawara speciality. Learn, make, and taste this traditional Japanese food.

¥2000 per person

Local Town Walk

Odawara was one of the most popular destinations for the famed at the turn of the century. Explore these famous buildings.

¥2000 per person

Nightlife Tour

Enjoy a night of good food and drink as we explore the night life in Japan and learn about how to enjoy a night out in Odawara.

¥2000 per person

The Fuma Ninja

Discover the mysterious world and art of the geisha. The numbers are getting smaller, but the pride and beauty remain.

¥2000 per person

All About Ume

Ume is taking on the globe. This fruit is used for alcohol, food, and sweets. Odawara is one of the most famous producers of this tasty and versatile fruit.

¥2000 per person

Green Tea Farm

Want to learn more about Japanese green tea? Join us as we visit a farm and get hands on with this famous Japanese drink.

¥2000 per person