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Odawara Fish Market Experience

See, Feel, and Learn Tradtion

Discover a special side of Japan with this exclusive guided tour of the Odawara Fish Market and port. Get a guided experience of the exciting morning fish auction, see local fish headed off to market, and learn about this important part of Japanese culture and history.

Local Expert Host

Special Access

Exclusive Experience

About your Experience

See the exciting fish auction and try local foods! Odawara is home to one of the most important fishing ports in the area serving hotels, restaurants and shops throughout Japan. The unique geography of the waters off Odawara ensure a bountiful and eclectic mix of fish and seafood throughout the year. Our time together will include special access to the floor of the morning fish auctions as we walk among the fish mongers and get close to the action. You will be accompanied by a local guide with in depth knowledge of the market to lead, answer questions, and enrich your time here. Breakfast is also included at the local restaurant the specially caters to the fishermen coming back from their early morning haul. A unique and special time to feel, see, and experience a special part of Japan. See the

About Odawara Port & Auction

Odawara Port on Sagami Bay just South of Tokyo is a historic maritime hub renowned for its thriving fishing industry and vibrant fish market. The port, which has played a vital role in regional maritime trade for centuries, is a bustling center where local fishermen bring in daily catches, ensuring a constant supply of fresh seafood. The market is renowned for its early morning auctions, offering a wide variety of seafood, including tuna, mackerel, sardines, and shellfish. Visitors can discover traditional specialties like kamaboko (fish cake) and enjoy the freshest sashimi and sushi. The market embodies the traditional Japanese way of life, with its vibrant atmosphere and community-centric trade practices, providing a glimpse into local culture. Odawara offers an authentic Japanese coastal experience, making it a must-visit destination for seafood aficionados and cultural enthusiasts ali

Things to Know

We ask that you wear comfortable shoes and know that they will probably get wet. Most of us will be wearing boots and can be provided if asked ahead of time. Access to the floor and local English speaking guide will be with you. Breakfast at the local fisherman's shop will also be included.

Location and Time

Meeting time is 5:00am Meeting point will be decided at booking. Transportation can be arranged(not included).