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Welcome to Odawara!

The Castle Town SXSW of Tokyo.
History, Culture, Food, Accessible

Castles, Samurai, Ninja

Home to the Hojo Daimyo who ruled from Odawara Castle, served by samurai and ninja. A place where historical figures crossed paths.

Culinary Treasures

Situated on the sea, Odawara is famed for it's seafood, popular for it's ramen and more. Explore the culinary delights of Japan.

Culture and Traditions

The cultural sites and activities are plenty. You can experience the best of Japan and discover even more.

Roads lead to Odawara

Odawara is conveniently located at the base of the Hakone Mountains, between Tokyo and Kyoto, and close to Mt. Fuji. Explore it all from here.

Our Town, Odawara

Passionate locals, exciting festivals, and warm greetings welcome you to experience our beloved town. Welcome to Odawara.