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Enjoy one of the many events and festivals held throughout the year in Odawara.

Events and Festivals for all seasons

The history of Odawara spans thousands of years and has been the a place for samurai, artisans, geisha, war, and much more. There are traditional shops, crafts, and foods all over the city waiting to be found. Odawara is by the sea so the fish is delicious, sake refreshing, and nature abundant.

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May 3rd / Castle Area and Around Town

Odawara's largest festival includes an impressive parade of samurai warriors through town to celebrate the rich history and culture of this castle town under the Hojo Clan who ruled during the Sengoku period. Enjoy music, samurai regalia, dancing, characters from the past and much more!

ume plum blossom festival


Late February / Shimosoga

Odawara is famous for the thousands of blooming plum trees concentrated in the Soga area. The beauty rivals the more popular cherry blossoms and tese trees produce the ume plum which is used for umeboshi and Japanese plum wine. Enjoy the stalls and views of Mt. Fuji as well.


April 1,2 / Odawara Castle

Oden is a popular traditional Japanese dish. Many of the ingredients used to make this tasty dish are made in Odawara. Try the many different types of food like radish, kamaboko, chikuwa,tofu, egg, and much more simmered in a savory broth.

odawara castle cherry blossoms


Late March / Odawara Castle

Recognized as one of the most beautiful places to see the blooming cherry blossoms, the grounds of Odawara Castle has hundreds of trees to wander through and around. There are many popular spots in the city to enjoy a picnic or just reflect on life while watching the petals fall.


Summer Festivals

Summer / Various Areas

Summer is a time for "Matsuri" the Japanese festival. There are a number of events throughout the summer in local areas, some big and some small, but an opportunity to see, feel, and experience celebrations of life, health, and culture.

odawara summer fireworks


August First Saturday / Sakawa River Banks

Summer in Japan means fireworks! Enjoy the food stalls and light show over Sakawa River. Kamonomiya Station is a convenient way to get to the riverside and is only one stop away from Odawara Station. Enjoy the sight of yukata and even wear one of your own!


August First Sunday / Odawara Port

Celebrate our connection and appreciation for the sea at this festival held at Odawara Harbor in front of Hayakawa Station. Enjoy the kid friendly activities fresh seafood, and experience this important part of Odawara culture and heritage.


Late October / Odawara Castle

Chochin were lanterns mass produced in Odawara for travelers making their way up the Hakone mountains. These compact paper lanterns are a symbol of the town and every year 6th grade elementary school students in the city design their own and are put on display around the castle.

Izumi Kanon Festival

December 17th& 18th / Izumi Shofukuji Temple

This famous temple in the Izumi area of Odawara is one of the first places in the Kanto Area to sell Daruma dolls. Families and businesses come to wish for a safe and prosperous year. There are many stalls and a lively atmosphere to enjoy.


Soga Umbrella Burning

Late May

Ichiyajo Castle Festival

Early October

Esa Hoi Festival

Itabashi Jizo Festival

August 23,24 / January 23,24