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Welcome to Odawara!

Odawara is a city rich in history, culture, and traditions. Located SXSW of Tokyo at the base of the Hakone mountains by the sea.

History, Culture
and Tradition.

Odawara is a compact city, easily explored on foot or bike. The castle town keeps many traditions and festivals running back centuries. There is local beer and sake to try too. The town is perfect for a culinary adventure for sushi, sashimi, kamaboko, yakiniku, ramen and more.

Discover Odawara

Odawara has been at an important point of travel for centuries. Situated between Tokyo and Kyoto at the base of the Hakone mountains, Odawara has welcomed visitors and travelers for centuries. Odawara is a Shinkansen stop and accessible in less that 45 min from Tokyo. Odawara awaits.

Discover an Experience.

Odawara is a castle town nestled between the sea and mountains, located just south of Tokyo It has history, culture, and traditions that go back centuries. Explore the castle grounds, visit a bustling fish market, explore the green tea fields, practice zen meditation, hike the mountains, and so much more. Discover and experience the beauty of Japan.

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A short trip around Odawara gives you plenty of options for exploration and discovery. Just minutes away are beaches, mountains, hot springs, fishing villages, zen temples, fields of green tea, deep forests, and so much more. Take the time to wander the sleepy streets of the classic town of Manazuru, learn and find the natural beauty of Ashigara, or enjoy the museums and hot springs of Hakone.

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