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Samurai, Ninja, & Japanese Castles

The Sengoku period in Japan is one of the most iconic and romanticized times in history. Learn more, share ideas, and connect.

Japanese Castles

Japanese Castle Design

Japanese castles have many similarities, but these iconic structures had many forms and purposes throughout the years.

Famous Japanese Castles

What makes a Japanese castle famous? The history, design, occupant? Let's look at some iconic castles across Japan.

Rebuilding a Castle

Castles can be found all over Japan, but very few are original. Discover the reasons and efforts to rebuild these cultural treasures.

The Samurai

Who were the Samurai?

The roles and duties of the samurai were ever evolving and the answer to this question depends on the time in history.

Katana, a Samurai Sword

Learn about this iconic weapon and why it holds such a legendary spot in history and among warriors. The legendary katana.

What does Samurai mean?

Let's learn about the kanji and meaning of this popular word and how it reflected their role in feudal Japan and even today.

How to make Samurai Armor

Samurai armor is a a functional piece of art made by different master craftsman that represents so much.

The Ninja

What did Ninja do?

The ninja is a modern term with fantastic tales of what they did. Learn about the real shinobi.

Ninja Tools and Weapons

The truth about what the ninja really used may suprise you and lead you down an interesting path

The Truth about Shuriken

The ninja and the throwing star are strongly connected, but the truth is quite different.

Experience and Discover More

Ninja, Samurai and Castle Experience

Join one of Japan's foremost experts on ninja culture and history for this amazing experience learning and training as a ninja.

Zen Experience in Odawara Castle

Gain exclusive access to the top of Odawara Castle for a talk and time meditating with a local zen monk.

Castle & Town Discovery Tour

Join this tour to see historical building, taste local treats, and discover hidden aspects of this popular castle city.