Discover the tastes of Japan


The most famous specialty from Odawara is Kamaboko. Kamaboko is a processed and steamed fishcake which is used in various Japanese dishes. In Odawara, there are 13 different Kamaboko brands which are all located around the Kamaboko street. Visit the Suzuhiro Kamaboko Village to make your own or explore the many wonderful shops along Kamaboko Road near the beach.


Oden is a Japanese popular winter dish made by filling a simmering pot with a dashi soup stock and various ingredients such as daikon (Japanese radish), boiled egg, multiple types of fish cakes, and konnyaku (yam cake). Oden seasonings differ by regions in Japan. Every spring there is an “Oden Summit” in Odawara, bringing together regional versions of the dish from around the country.


Ramen is one of the most popular foods in Japan. The flavors, types, and shops are never ending. Take the time to taste the local Odawara Ramen or walk the streets to find one from another distinctive part of the country! Many Odawara ramen are soy sauce based and use local ingredients. Contact us directly for specific recommendations.